#99) Trapped in Remembrance

You’re unreal, and I am deluded; but yet and still you are mine

And that is all which matters, in this world, at this time


I can scent the sweetness of you exuding from your every pore, and I daren’t breathe any deeper, for fear I may asphyxiate


Such a lovely dream is this; I hope to prolong my waking hour a millennium


For reality has become a mere transitory sham I must tolerate as a prerequisite to you


How often you chastise me for my partiality, and constantly rebuke my stagnancy


But I can hardly apologize, as I live only here, in your eyes


So fair a penance I pay for these moments and the further molestation of your memory


I never want that cold thing called sensibility to again take hold of me


I would much rather remain in atrophy with you chained next to me


So just keep me company as I persist in misery


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