#82) Missing Piece

You’re lost…I can’t remember, when it was I had you

I’m cold, so sick of swimming, against the streaming lies


They’re wrong; they must be crazy, delusional, insane…

It hurts to hear my heart, screaming out your name


You’re gone…I saw your face, five, six days ago

I’m dreaming, suffocating, dying much too slow


What happened to the air? My throat is swollen, tight

I can’t tell any longer, if it is day or night


This world has lost its meaning, as I have lost myself

This life is no good reason, to hold on to my health


Fragile, frail, forgotten…your ghost still haunts this place

Your fingers I once kissed, your smile I loved to trace


The smell of you, it lingers, within this tear soaked bed

If only I could have you, I’d step outside my head


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