#78) Phantasmagoria

Useless words, meaningless phrases, spill from the mouth of a dying cherub

An angel with concrete wings steps through the ruins of a dream desecrated

The entrails of innocence lie withered in the dust

The ribcage of reality is all that remains


Poison drips slowly from thickening clouds, corroding truth’s foundation

Acidic questions gather on the tip of silver tongues and melt away, as answers hide in the shadow of lies


Apples roll through pits of snakes, coiling, hissing seductive notes

A single bite begins the cycle as mad Alice chops off the rabbit’s foot


Chaos orchestrates the final scene, ushering in destruction’s coach


London’s bridge goes up in flames, as my fair Lady becomes a whore


Ashes, Ashes, falling dust

Whirlpools of despair


Pandora’s Box is locked away; and with it, all hope for brighter days


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