#73) Tragic Vanity

Play for me sweet, give me a song; give me a reason to breathe

Touch up my flaws, wipe them away; conceal me with delicate dreams

Am I now perfect, precious and clean, enough to give passion away?

Am I now wanted, am I now saved, from being discarded today?


Perhaps for a moment, perhaps for a night; perhaps ‘fore the sun sets below

Perhaps I’ll be welcome behind the door

Perhaps for a little bit more


Careful my dear…they whisper, they sneer; you’ll ruin your face for the eyes

And then in a flash, tears will flood away, the paint of your lovely disguise


Treacherous thing, although he may sing, his words hold the echo of lies

Your reasons are rubbish, your breath will grow stale, and choked will you be when lust dies


Then I suppose, what simply is left, is for me to keep up the ruse

I’ll have it engraved, carved into my skin, a glamour which none can refuse


Play for me soft, now capture my smile; by-pass the scars of my pain


Perfection…it hurts; yet now I’ve attained

This beauty no other can claim


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