#70) Love…Divulged

Beautiful mirage of glamorous smoke; corrosive poison fog

Maddening trap of silken rope, raveling the hangman’s noose


An innocent trick blind cupid doth play; the babe of miserable wont

Of what I speak, tis love exposed; an amorphous, deadly plague


Love…extolled as heaven’s grace, a gift from god to man


Love…is not portrayed in truth…it chokes hearts like quicksand

Vile it is, a painful blight; destructive, violent, cruel


It lurks in pretty packages to snare the hapless fool


Sensuous rose of fragrant musk, concealing a stem of thorns

Petals soaked by bleeding doves, drawn open by your charms


Evil jewel of envy’s green and jealousy’s cold black rage

Love is but a golden key which seals a wretched cage


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