#69) The Beauty of Black

If all were made the same, all beauty would be lost

Within, you hold all colors, that God has ever crossed


To paint this canvas world, he made you his dark base; and from your blood he drew out every lighter race


You should not curse your skin, your eyes, your hair, your lips…

To mother all mankind you must have ample hips


Your eyes tell of how sweet a soul god gave to you

They’re colored brown as chocolate, molasses pure and true


Your lips were made kiss swollen, luscious, soft for love

Your skin is velvet armor, a shield by time made tough


Your hair is strong like twine, grown wild and never tame; it is your crown of thorns, a precious, tangled mane


Your bones were built to last, to keep you standing tall

No matter how they hate, you’ll still surpass them all


Look now and see the truth; see what you really are

Black beauty loved by time, the night which hold each star


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