#68) The Extraction of You

Once, long ago, I poured my heart out, right till it emptied; and found the blood therein thick, stagnant, and repulsive


It was so far from the realm of purity, that the seeds of love sprinkled within its putrid soup, had been sapped of all life, and reduced to shells


Envy and jealousy had spread like cancer through my veins, turning what once ran sweet as wine, into a rancid stream of filth


I was thoroughly disgusted with myself


T’was only natural I then disposed of my heart, and all of its rank contents

T’was only natural I cleansed myself of you, and your infecting poison


Rather I be empty, than filled with dross

Rather I be cold, than burned by lust

Rather I be calm, than swept away

Rather I be silent, than curse each day


Only a fool would hold fast to, a heart so polluted by one such as you

By one wont to flutter mindlessly through, fields of red roses, and never stay true


Fool I am not, broken by you

Fool you will never, color me blue


My heart is forsaken, drained fully dry; my mouth holds a smile, for I cannot cry


You’ve made me much stronger than I was before; I emptied you out and locked every door


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