#64) What If

What if I told you, that I love you; that I need you more than air?

What if I wrote you, one hundred letters; all screaming praises for your name?


Would you then notice? Would you then care?

Would you then turn back around?


Would you rewind the tape, playback the days, you let me hold you down?


What if I said, let the world talk; let the world whisper, let the world see

That right by your side I’d walk


What if I showed you my ugly face, all smattered with snot and tears

Would you then rescue me from the pain, of being crushed beneath my fears?


Or maybe you’d say, she’s only a child; she’ll get up again, be free in a while

There’s no reason for you to make amends, and add to your list of amoral sins


What if I waited outside in the rain?

Would you then feel pity, or simply feel shame?


Would you pull me into your conflicted chest, and try to clean up this pitiful mess?


Or maybe you’re colder than I can discern, and therefore care not, that for you I yearn


Perhaps all my words are drops in the sea; and I am but wishing for what cannot be


What if you saw me now at my worst…would you ache to see my tender heart burst?


Would you hold the pieces, bloodied and bruised, and sew them together to then be reused?


What if I told you, I’ll never let go


Not till you say it, so I can then know; for certain you want me gone far away


Or would much prefer, that near you I stay


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