#61) Stuck on Stupid

Stupid is as stupid does; stupid still can’t see my love

It slapped him thrice across the face, yet still away, his feet did race


Stupid ignores the obvious, but holds tight to preposterous, notions of an unchained wrist, and a life devoid of lover’s bliss


Stupid is such a stubborn dolt; he wears denial out like a coat

Threadbare it is from overuse—I imagine he’ll wax an old recluse


Stupid is far more fickle than, the waves that steal each grain of sand

He knows not what to ask of me, and so pollutes all clarity


In any action he may take, to widen each and every break

Already in my dying heart, which suffers daily for my art


Stupid isn’t really dumb, but he is blinder than my thumb

And wholly deaf must he be, for never can he hear from me


The piercing sounds of anguished screams, as his words crush my wishful dreams

The brutal cracking of the mask, I’m forced to don when he skips past


Stupid has a heart of gold, he guards so fierce I’ll never hold

It’s worth as much as drops of life, and won’t be won through foolish strife


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