#57) Hearts Wide Open

Hearts wide open are easy to bruise; they’re always first robbed and harshly abused

Why then, you wonder, do people still choose, to keep them wide open like slow witted fools


Perhaps it’s because though tempered by pain, hearts left wide open have treasures to gain


They catch tricky love, which slips in and out, through cracks in the doors locked always by doubt


They beat out their rhythms, persistent and clear; they sing in loud voices you can’t help but hear


Hearts ever open are easy to please; they’re quick to forgive and dust off their knees


They stand oh so tall and soak up the rain; and still they stay open and love just the same


Hearts kept wide open are precious in truth, for often they’re jaded and locked during our youth


Perhaps though they’re robbed and used and abused, hearts held wide open stand nothing to lose


Unlike the hearts which never do gain; for they stay shut up to hide from the pain


Perhaps all it takes to vanquish the bane, is simply to open our hearts to love’s reign


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