#49) Love’s Suicide

Tell me please, what is your name?  I need to know, if it’s the same…

Just as the one who broke me down, and left me lying on the ground


Tell me why you sit and cry, when I’m the one who took the lie; mistaking it for loving truth, and wasted my most precious youth


Tell me what you sought to gain, by causing me to go insane

Did you love to see my pain, and revel in my naked shame?


Did you feel no sympathy, as you watched such tragedy, coming down, befalling me, as you stole so readily; with zealous hands straight from my soul, pieces spun from spools of gold


Lacquered in the lust of old, varnished with the love you sold


Tell me all the reasons born, from your mouth once filled with scorn

For my solemn eulogy, and my heartsick misery


Tell me now, that I may see, all myself I’ve lost to thee

Tell me lies of splendid truths, bound within my silken noose


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