#45) Nameless Salvation

I am the sickness you feel in your heart; the melodic sorrow which sings in the dark


To paint just my soul, you’d have to be blind; to possess myself, you must loose your mind


I am the night, the cage of your dreams; within me is nothing, quite as it seems


I hold each key, to set yourself free; and I know all that, you can and will be

Trust in my words, they never will fail

Cling to me now; I’ll give you the world


Watch them all shatter, burning in hell; arise from their ashes, burst through your shell


I am the wings, uplifting your back; I make up for all, you angels may lack


To say I am faith would halfway be true

For I am the essence of simple virtue


I am the truth beneath the great lies; the reflective clear glass they’re taught to despise


I exist only to open your eyes, and shield you all from, a timely demise


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