#41) Insidious Poison

Savor the blood, drained slow from my heart; let it sink in, draw you apart

Feel as it streams, forth warm through my lips; taste it, so sweet, in decadent drips


Relax as it settles, relentlessly hot; cleave to the source, though safe it is not

Relish the rush numbing your ears, and swallow the screams driving your fears


Fall to your knees convulsing in tears; inhale the smoke, deep fore it clears

Take the illusion, relinquish the truth; unveil the dream, remember your youth


Forget all your reason, lose just your mind; let it destroy, all semblance of time

Indulge in the splendor, of love’s tainted wine

Abandon yourself, the heart which is mine


Feel just the calm, drift through the storm; fly to the moon, and let the earth mourn


Tether your wings, then sleep as they’re torn

Drown in the life, to whence you were born


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