#36) Suspicious Love

Why do I adore you so? Honestly, I do not know

Could it be your perfect smile, or your eyes which do beguile me every time I look your way

Forgetting reasons to behave, in such a way promoting sense, before I go and jump the fence?


Why do I feel so insane, as each whisper of your name, teases both my tender ears, seducing me to rupturing tears?


Why does just the thought of you, blot all others from my view, and push me into fantasies, plagued by you, my heart’s disease?


Why am I sucked in so fast, by toothsome words that will not last, beyond the up incoming year, you’ll slip away, no longer near?


Why have you transformed me so, into a creature filled with woe?


Could it be you wish to know, just how far my love may go?


Could it be you can’t perceive, nor find it simple to believe, in such a blatant, naïve Amor


Striving to break down the door, leading to your wounded core, crying out for nevermore


Another love to botch the chore, of healing up the blistering sore


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