#27) Fishing for Love

Careful I plan, this one final stand

Holding my breath as fate plays its hand


Eagar I wait, dropping the bait, hoping it’s not far much too late

For me to trap some sweet foolish chap, stuck in denial’s most welcoming lap


Biting my tongue, I wish and I run, through countless short dreams in which I’m undone


Always by just that one stupid one, fighting to push me far away from his lingering heart, unwilling to come

All the way down for this stubborn one


Who will not give up until she is done, bleeding her heart out over the one

Seeking to keep from being undone, if only by just this one lovesick one


Reckless I fall into the abyss, filled with the hearts all seeming to miss

Their every last chance to grasp onto bliss, which leaves them all hanging, just after a tryst


Wanting for more and cursing cruel fate, just as one comes to snatch up the bait

Missing the hook they pull out too late, and forcing them all to wait, wait, and wait


Tired I sit in still empty space, holding my breath, refusing to waste


My time on anything less in this place, than catching the heart to fill up the space


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