#23) If Only

If only we could pick and choose, the ones we love and never lose

A single wink of sleep at night, and never even have to fight


To keep a heart without a fuss, belonging always just to us

We’d never fear to fall apart, or break another fragile heart


If only we could all foresee, the ones with whom we’re meant to be

Forever by the side to love, we’d never have to look above


To every lonely wishing star, that sits on high and sees so far

Into the hearts of every one, and grants each wish that can be done


Within the lines of stiff reason, that makes our hearts commit treason

Against all better faulty sense, that causes us all to fold and wince


If only we could just take back, our words and heal each painful crack

We’d never have to care at all, for those we push and cause to fall


If only we could stay so blind, as we cross each single line, into the hearts and through the minds, of every one we leave behind


If only we could really choose, we’d never have to all refuse


To listen to our hearts and love, when love rains down from up above


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